Frankton-Lapel Community Schools

  • Lapel High School student Cody Blythe led the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • The Board approved the minutes for the December 10, 2009 school board meeting as presented.
  • The Board acknowledged Lapel High School which provided the information on the bulletin board for January.
  • Alternative school teacher Martha McFadden reported on the alternative school for the first semester.
  • Teacher Rebecca Sears and instruction assistant Tina Wilson reported on the Response to Intervention program at Lapel High School.
  • Superintendent Bobby Fields recognized Lapel Elementary School kindergarten teacher Lindsay Roundtree, who was presented with an award by the Indiana Council for Economic Education for her exemplary teaching of economics in her kindergarten class.
  • Superintendent Bobby Fields reported on the reduction of state tuition support money for the General Fund for 2010.
  • The Board approved to declare 2 buses as surplus equipment so they can be sold at auction
  • The Board approved the following gifts:
    • Frankton Elementary School
      • $104.00 from the First United Methodist Church for the Goodwill Fund
      • $119.03 from Gordon Food Service for the General Fund
      • $100.00 from Rydman & Fox for the Goodwill Fund
    • Frankton Jr.-Sr. High School
      • $279.80 from the Frankton First United Methodist Church: $104.00 for the General Fund and $175.80 for the Goodwill Fund
    • Lapel Elementary School
      • $50.00 from the Ford Street Church Willing Workers for the See You at the Pole program
      • $400.00 from Ann & Jeff Rolston: $200.00 for Activity Day and $200.00 for Mrs. Fettig’s 2nd grade classroom
      • $25.00 from Mary Smedley for the cheerleaders
      • $265.04 from the Target Take Charge of Education program for the General Fund
  • The Board approved a new timesheet for the hourly employees that records 2 weeks instead of 1 week.
  • The Board approved participation in the Title One program for 2010-11.
  • The Board approved a request by the Daybreak Community Church to temporarily use the Lapel High School commons area, teacher lounge, and gym for Sunday services.
  • The Board approved to not sign a letter of intent to help support a new technology high school in Madison County.
  • The Board approved the following recommendation:
    • Lapel High School
      • Brad Lantz – Assistant baseball coach
  • The Board approved the monthly claim documents as submitted.
  • The following documents were signed by all board members: Minutes of the December 10, 2009 school board meeting; thank you letters to First United Methodist Church, Gordon Food Service, Rydman & Fox, Ford Street Church Willing Workers, Ann & Jeff Rolston, Mary Smedley, and Target; and accounts payable voucher register.
  • Announcements were made of the following dates:
    • February 11, 2010: Regular Board Meeting at Administration Office, 7:30 p.m.
    • March 10, 2010: Academic Hall of Fame Banquet at Anderson County Club, 6:30 p.m.

First Day of School

Upcoming Events

  • August 11 - Org/Inservice Day (Teachers)
  • August 14 - Teacher Work Day
  • August 15 - First Day for Students

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