Frankton-Lapel Community Schools

  • Frankton Jr.-Sr. High School student Brett Sanders led the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • The Board acknowledged Frankton Jr.-Sr. High School which provided the information on the bulletin board for March.
  • The Board approved the minutes for the February 10, 2005 and February 24, 2005 school board meetings as presented.
  • A public hearing was held to discuss the option of using a 12-month school term rather than expanding classroom space, including building a new Lapel High School and remodeling Lapel Elementary & Jr. High School and Frankton Jr.-Sr. High School.  No one spoke to the Board at the public hearing.  The Board approved a resolution that year-round school will not affect the necessity of the proposed construction projects.
  • A public hearing was held to discuss the lease to be entered into between Frankton-Lapel South High School Building Corporation, as lessor, and Frankton-Lapel Community Schools, as lessee, to build a new Lapel High School, renovate Frankton Jr.-Sr. High School, and renovate Lapel Elementary and Jr. High Schools.  Tami Davis spoke to the Board during the public hearing.  The Board approved a resolution authorizing the execution of the lease.
  • Superintendent Ned Speicher announced that the Academic Hall of Fame Induction Banquet will be held at the Anderson Country Club at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 19th.  Frankton High School will have 15 students and Lapel High School will have 13 students to be honored.
    Mr. Speicher reported on the enrollment projection for the 2005-06 school year.
  • Mr. Speicher reported on the activities surrounding the Lapel boy's basketball regional game.
  • The Board approved for Transportation Director Bobby Fields to receive bids for 4 new school buses for 2005.
  • The Board approved the following cash tuition requests for 2005-06:
    • Sarah Ambrose, grade 8, Lapel Jr.-Sr. High School
    • Kristen Bowen, grade 11, and Kylie Bowen, grade 7, Lapel Jr.-Sr. High School
    • Samantha Dodd, grade 8, Lapel Jr.-Sr. High School
  • The Board approved invoices for construction services for February 2005 from the architect.
  • The Board approved an invoice from Coor Consulting for a land survey.
  • The Board approved a request by the Frankton High School Senior Class to take a field trip to Cedar Point, Ohio on May 20-22, 2005.
  • The Board approved a 2-day waiver for the Frankton and Lapel Senior Classes of 2005 to prepare for graduation.
  • The Board approved payment of the third installment of the Special Education Cooperative billing for 2004-05 and the computer costs for the summer from the Cooperative.
  • The Board approved the proposed changes to the student handbooks for the jr.-sr. high schools.
  • The Board approved the summer band schedule for Frankton Jr.-Sr. High School.
  • The Board approved the following summer school courses:  pre-algebra, algebra I, Recovery English, driver education, and Title I remediation.
  • The Board approved the following recommendations:
    • Lapel Jr.-Sr. High School - John Mendenhall (Girls tennis coach)
  • The Board approved the monthly claim documents as submitted.
  • Tami Davis, Lafayette Township, spoke to the Board concerning summer school and the financial status of the school corporation.
  • The following documents were signed by all board members: 
    • Minutes of the February 10, 2005 and February 24, 2005 school board meeting
    • Rresolutions on year-round school and on execution of lease by Board President Nancy Likens and Board Secretary Joanne Amick.
  • Announcements were made of the following dates:
    • March 19, 2005: Academic Hall of Fame Banquet at Anderson Country Club
    • April 1, 2005: Flex Day – No School
    • April 4-8, 2005: Spring Break
    • April 11, 2005: Flex Day – No School
    • April 14, 2005: Special Board Meeting, Design Development Presentation
    • April 21, 2005: Regular Board Meeting at Administration Office, 7:30 p.m.

First Day of School

Upcoming Events

  • August 11 - Org/Inservice Day (Teachers)
  • August 14 - Teacher Work Day
  • August 15 - First Day for Students

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